Why do you need to prepare?

Success in the world of work can be defined in many different ways. For some its the status, others the salary, perhaps its simply having meaningful challenging work.  For most its a combination of these things but it is individual to you.

But success, whatever that looks like, is not guaranteed and needs to be be earned.  You are not entitled to success but you are entitled the opportunity to be successful.  And you are competing against every other young person leaving formal education for the same opportunity to progress and drive a successful career.

Our goal is to help you with specific skills including:

  • Personal Skills; Problem Solving, Resilience, Self Accountability
  • Business Awareness; Managing your manager, Operating in complex environments and Stakeholder awareness
  • Technical Workplace Skills; Organising your work, Email management, Presentation Skills etc.

Some of these skills are taught in company graduate programmes but others are experienced and developed over many years in the workplace.  This website will help you learn them quicker to accelerate your progress in reaching your potential.

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