The Second Coming

My Book is Coming.

About a year ago, i started scoping out a book based on the topics I covered on the website.  The plan was to pull it all together into a practical workbook guide and get it published.  I decided to delay, to focus on other work.

This month I reversed that decision.  Its now in progress.  10% written in fact.

So the blog will start to have new content shared regularly again in line with the chapters I’m writing as I go.

Stay Tuned!

One thought on “The Second Coming

  1. I am glad you have decided to publish a book! Well done for setting a great example. It’s out there now so you will have to finish it now…

    I hope you will consider writing about the process on your blog. Also I hope you will share your thinking and any breakthroughs as you go.

    Good luck with your new venture!


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