This week’s top picks – How to Manage Conflict

3 from 1
3 from 1

For my last post, I wrote the article “Who is your kryptonite and how to overcome them“.  I want to share some articles I found giving more thoughts and information on the subject.

There are of course many articles out there on this subject but in the interests of summarising a key few, I’ve gathered 3 from the original 1 idea.

Make Your Enemies Your Allies from the Harvard Business Review

A great article with some specific approaches you can take.  My favourite, “give before you ask”.

How to Handle Enemies & Adversaries from

This article helps define the types of adversaries you might come up against and how best to overcome them with a targeted approach.

How to Deal With a Mean Spirited Coworker or Employer from The Houston Chronicle

Lastly, a fantastically simple set of 4 options are considered; Call them Out; Have a One to One; Go to the Boss or Re-think the Job.

As I said, just a few of the many ideas out there on this subject.  As always, I’d love to hear what has worked (or not worked) for you in the comments below.  Thanks for sharing.

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