Showing Passion at Work

This isn’t something much talked about as you start in the world of work. There’s almost an expectation that you should enjoy your work but in a passive self contained way (this could be a British trait of course).

No one likes to show emotion right? And anyone who does, well it just doesn’t belong in the workplace. Wrong.

I’m not talking about inappropriate behaviours or informality when formality is required. I’m talking about showing that you care about your work and the work your company does. About being passionate and caring about what you do. It makes you stand out from the crowd of ‘coasters’ or ‘moaners’ who don’t do anything about whatever they are aggrieved by.

And today I saw a very powerful example of this point. The New York Times posted a critical article about Amazon and its workplace and its effect on its employees. You can read it here.

Big corporations; an easy target right? Not to a very passionate employee, Nick Ciubotariu. Not content to just let his very large employer’s PR and communications team respond to the NYT article, he publicly defended Amazon with his own article (read it here). Unprompted, unscripted and straight from the heart, he justified why he was passionate about his company to argue the NYT got it wrong.

His article has gone global on LinkedIn and I’m sure, it was the power of his conviction and passion that has generated nearly 900,000 page views on LinkedIn. Everyone in Amazon now knows Nick Ciubotariu’s name.

When you are passionate about what you do, show it.

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